When it began in 2006, Wrook’s staff comprised of 2 candle makers working in a small garage.

Today, Wrook Infinite has grown into an industry-leading candle factory, with a team of staff making over 30,000 candles each month. Each candle is still fully hand crafted using timeless methods. They are mixed and poured by hand, coloured to perfection, wicked one candle at a time and then packaged. Moulds and set patterns are used to ensure that the products are close to identical.

To guarantee the highest quality, all our candles are made with only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. They are also extensively tested for maximum burn time, efficient fragrance dispersion, superior appearance and minimum wastage. Candles are made only once an order is placed. This means they are fresh and have not been sitting on a shelf for months.

Our company has been the pioneer in candle manufacturing for over 9 years; we are known for our high standard of quality and competitive edge. Our range is based on the products that we believe best suit today’s market and has evolved in consultation with our customers. We see every customer as a key part of our success and do our best to work closely with them to reflect this.

We firmly believe that long term customer satisfaction is the reason for our success and are commitment to your every requirement. We will assist you to select a range that will suit your décor scheme with supreme elegance and style.

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